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  1. I'm not sure Van would like that... Which makes it even more appealing
  2. I don't like co-founders. Or co-owners. Or co-operative. Or co-habitation.

    But you can be sole founder if you like .
  3. Des, listen mate... I like you, I like you a lot. But I'm the co-founder of APW whether you agree with it or not. So for the sake of our friendship, change your vote :P
  4. Good to see you Des!
  5. It's fine mate, I meant every word I said
  6. I can only thank you for that wonderful compliment you paid me, by putting it in my sig

    I'll treasure it always
  7. Sigging me eh? Good job lad
  8. Ah alright then, it's a good film haha
  9. Nothing at all. I saw you posted about "Will" on Steve's profile, and I was asking you if you knew when it was on again - but I looked for myself and recorded it earlier today
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