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  1. Check HQ when you get the chance please Des
  2. Clear some space dude.

    Also, no need to worry about the entrance, I got the reply from Dennis. Promo was awesome.
  3. I replied mate. I also posted one of my Armageddon matches in HQ.
  4. Responded bro
  5. Des, when you get the chance, check HQ.

    Someone on the roster would like to do a promo for Armageddon and just wondering what you think?
  6. I'll be there after the football .
  7. When you get the chance Des, check out the "future plans" thread.

    Would like your opinion before settling on a few things.
  8. All done dude.
  9. Alright then. I mentioned it in the thread.
  10. Don't worry about posting it in the thread, I'll try and edit it in dude.
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