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  1. You have until 9pm GMT *around 5 hours, 20 minutes from this post* for the promo to be done, anything after will not be accepted. I have the rest of the promo, I just need Daniels' part.
  2. Dude, could you do your promo ASAP please.
  3. thanks, I'm still deciding because both make great arguments
  4. Mu Blog Wars vote is in!
  5. ROH had some really good stables back then, I almost went with the Second City Saints.
  6. I knew a bit about Generation Next, but they completely escaped my mind. If I replaced them with Fortune, I may have won

    Still, that didn't happen, and you still had an awesome list
  7. Thanks man I got scared when I saw your list and relized I forgot the cabinet. But it was a close one.
  8. Congratu-a-lations man. You deserved to win
  9. Awesome. Looking forward to it
  10. The lists are going out tomorrow.
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