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  1. Cleared bro!
  2. Oi, numbnuts!

    What Benny, Shaz and Alo said
  3. No worries dude. Show will be tomorrow now.
  4. I've got some homework to due now, so my promo'll either be in, in around 2 hours, or first thing tomorrow.

    If it is tomorrow, then sorry it's late.
  5. Awesome, cheers bud.
  6. Promo now done
  7. Oi dickhead! I still need a persona from you! Hahaha.
  8. Infact dude, Krysys should have sent you through the Abel bit right?

    Zero hasn't gotta do an Alexander bit until after your bit now.
  9. Awesome, cheers mate
  10. I'm waiting on Alexander's individual part atm. Around 6pm, I'll do my final bit regardless of if I have his bit.
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