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  1. Happy Birthday, Des
  2. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. dude, my laptop charger broke, so i can't do the promo. right now i'm on my ps3, so you can either write for regal or skip it. sorry for the trouble
  4. Need your part of the WWE promo today to finish before the deadline. Please let me know when you can get that part to me.
  5. It's fine. Glad you got part in, now I can hustle to do mine (at least Black's part tonight and try to finish with Punk if I can tonight as well or do so early tomorrow). Should be a good one.
  6. sorry about the confusing PM Title, forgot to change it.
  7. After, to get both the Black and Punk done on my end without the worry off having to pass it on way too rushed to meet the deadline. Once you and Eddie finish your parts, I'll hammer down mine and send it off to G and THBK altogether to get it done by Monday.
  8. Dude, when Eddie's done his bit, would you rather go before or after me?
  9. Thank you, Ben.
  10. Happy Birthday Zero! Have a good 'un! .
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