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  1. Done .
  2. Your inbox is full.
  3. I saw your VM to Dennis, and he means our promo.
  4. Hey do you think you can send me your part of the promo by tonight? I have like 4 promos due tomorrow.
  5. Hey how's our IWA promo coming along?
  6. Thanks and take your time
  7. I'll reply to your PM before SS, after I've had a little think about it .
  8. Develop. I'm still unsure.
  9. It's someone debuting soon so not taken hehe.
  10. Just for clarification, could you PM me as to who your Poker person is. THBK isn't on, so I'll just check that they're not taken.

    Edit: I see you're offline. Unless I delete this message (because THBK's online) could you let me know .
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