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  1. Happy birthday, Des.
  2. Could you PM both parts of your PTP promo to one of G/THBK/Shaz please?
  3. I've changed the prediction contest to specify that the X-Division Championship counts as a title change, so you may wanna change your last answer.
  4. Thanks, Des.
  5. Happy birthday, Grandmaster! .
  6. Niall said you had some ideas. Could you PM me ASAP so I can get the card for Nitro sorted tonight please.
  7. Expect the promo today .
  8. Awesome. Thanks for letting me know dude .
  9. I just sent her a VM asking her how she's doing on her parts. I'm done with my individual parts.
  10. Any word on if/when I'll get yours/GG's promo?
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