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  1. Looking forward to this weeks Sudden Impact bro!!!
  2. Yes...they certainly delivered. I was like, "Holy Shit" when Punk turned heel. I was thinking that he was going to tell the ref, let Cena have the case back...and then Cena hit him with and win the title...Major Heel Style. I should be a writer for them dammit. LOL. But yes. It was definitley monumental. Curiosity is definitley going to get the better of me. I'm sure I'll peek on Monday to see what Punk has to say. But I will shut it off afterwards. As promised.
  3. I can't lie, last night did have its moments. I marked out when Taker made his way down the ramp. Had goosebumps and all. Last nights' Raw still came up short imo. The Punk twist at the end had me actually jump out of my seat! .... Was kind of nice seeing the DX reunion....Nothing special, but nice. Glad you actually enjoyed the 1000th episode. Don't delete it DAMN IT!!! It's one of those few monumental RAW nights where the E' ACTUALLY delivered LOL.
  4. I must say...Raw was very entertaining. I was very emotional when I was nearing the end of the three hours. And the six guys were about to jump Kane and The Undertaker came out. I got to enjoy the GONG, The major POP, and My All Time Favorite Wrestler's entrance for a last time. I definitely choked up a bit and a tear came to my eye. I almost don't want to delete it from my DVR.
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