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  1. About that review-Ano Doom is not active? Lol you didn't even mention me!

    Of course I'm just fuckin' with ya-how are things?
  2. I've been back a little now, just been sorting things mentally so I've been removed understandably. I'm good, getting in the right direction to go forward. How are ya?
  3. Yo man, thought you were inactive! How you doing mate?
  4. I'll send you the assignment quick, lol.
  5. I didn't plan on it, as far as i remembered it was a joint promo lol ,I dont have the original message anymore though which I def would need to look at before I do it.
  6. Yo, when do you think you'll have the promo to me mate?
  7. Okay? Lol. I figured I had already done one, so their wasn't no point.
  8. Ah yes A fine young man you are,much obliged noble lad,greatly much obliged. Men from my day and age regarding space and time do no forget easily,and alas I am no expection .
  9. I didn't do a shoot in the end.
  10. Just do that normally then. Im certainly not crazy about it. I mean this in the nicest,non upset,nasty or argumentative way at all,So please don't take this negatively. I just don't understand all the breaking of kayfabe lately just for the point of breaking kayfab
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