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  1. You know...I've NEVER once thought of what a Frewin/Archer meeting would be like...May happen soon in IWA...Be almost somewhat like looking in mirrors....Hmmmm.
  2. Battle Tactics is gonna be great! Finished my shit up today.
  3. Handled
  4. Box is full, brotha.
  5. Done got some room now
  6. Clear the got dang box , lol.
  7. Btw...Shit's been cleared...I had no idea it was full...I found out this morning...then I checked my email and seen the Inbox full at EWN messages and you'd tried to send me something.
  8. Cleared...I hate when that happens lol
  9. Inbox alert! Inbox alert!
  10. With that guy below says too down there lol...
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