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  1. Great promo it like it.
  2. hm,couldnt hurt to do it in the actual JBW thread as well I suppose
  3. Well you should def introduce yourself in the thread.
  4. hey I can say the same for JBW so its all good
  5. I don't follow EWNCW very closely so my bad.
  6. Im in EWNCW
  7. hey brother, I seen your post int he EWNCW vs JBW Introduction thread. Are you in JBW or EWNCW?
  8. thanks i plan on it
  9. doing a great job with Ano Doom, keep it up bro
  10. great I liked it man, good job on your promo btw I'm glad you decided to join hwa bro. If you need any help shoot me a pm or visitor message
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