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  1. Absolutely. Do what you must first, as I've only just started the opening footage of Jesting Madness in action anyways.
  2. lemme do my thing first, then I'll send you whatcha need.
  3. Bios for that Blood In The Snow match I'll be writing please brotha?
  4. For sure, right on
  5. Go for it.
  6. Request for Doom to get physical? Lol just a neck grab and maybe lifting him,nothing major, and just wanted to make sure it's ok first lol!
  7. Yea Sasha was in rare form almost-She's been waiting to meet Staples like that and insult him lol .I'm sure I will, if it's that written shit. Always captivating! Been building forever, too.
  8. Yeah, cool one. Hope you like Grind's part too (just sent it to SEZ)
  9. Right on. I just knew you stuck your neck out for me back then and just hoped no resentment still .

    Yea, on that note, I really enjoyed our promo this week.
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