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  1. No lol!! NOT from the Staind song. Because I was waiting to see your reaction to the end of the PPV and you just sat at the main forum page lol. I fell asleep in my bed, on my laptop... I woke up with drool all over it hahaha!!
  2. What, from the Staind song? Haha, nah not even. It's just somethin I like listening to for the deepness of it at certain times.
  3. Are you dead?
  4. Dude... check out the Jabe thread.
  5. Swell matches right boy?!? :O ;D
  6. Back to work in the Gym. Last time I got fucked because of the log out policy. Wasn't much, but just completely took me out the zone.
  7. HAhaha not a surprise. He was actually some inspiration too .
  8. HA!! I was going to use Caesaro!!
  9. He's pretty much Cesaro-But I'll find an exact image.
  10. Do you have a picture for Alexsander?
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