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  1. Phew what a Friday night....Idk about you...But man...
  2. Wats Gucci My Niggin!

    Eythang is aight ova here, still got a turkey leg to Devour..I been good, how u and how was Turkey Day?

    Plus I Told u about Ano Doom..Your a Popular Figure. I just keep thinkin imagine where u would've been if u neva woulda left in ur First Run
  3. hello.Hows it going ? Ano Doom is alive and taking off out there for sure.
  4. I felt dat woodie joint, I'm bumpin music too so I had it bumpin..I don't know how to link shit off of youtube . So just youtube Vado-We outchea.. dats wat I got on da speakers as I write dis chea
  5. Realest shit ever...Can you feel the pain ?

  6. Today My Day! Last Night bought a Quarter.... And Ima be Passed the sky,passed space , ima be wit da Angels Bro! Lol
  7. Just droppin by here again to say today's comeup today again...Awhhhh yeaaaaa Ill see you in the clouds brotha.
  8. Oh for sure,All day all the time...

    Yea I seen that....Hahahaha I like it A "Hang em off this pole right here" match...Doom'd probly throw em all the way to the top of it lol
  9. That's how u do it!

    Did you catch the rumor blitzzz - a real match like that would be crazy ..Hangman Match lmao
  10. Good to hear,Nope all whites are always right,Even walked right up the street hoping Hibbit's was still open lol...

    Oh yea I was up there sitting somewheres and I really dont know I got down from there....Woke up in my grandfathers old green recliner so it was sweller than fuck lol....

    Yea woulda been the straight shit you know...Smokin em together waitin for War Games lol sounds about right.
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