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  1. Just grindin. I keep taking life day at a time. Just stackin up bread ,raising my kid, planning for my future . Just work, putting music together ,I stick to touching up right now just production right now. And just around. I'm everywhere traveling left and right and just be on my iPad just write stuff here in between time lol
  2. Anyway yeah, I've done got both of my forearms mostly tatted and more, that's really all that's been up. What's goin ' down your way lately homie?
  3. The fuckin ' ink all up in my skin but this shit gives me extreme trouble from mobile with pictures and shit.
  4. Nah I don't got Facebook , wat u wanna show me Brotha I look it up
  5. Man do you got a got dang Facebook? I been gettin ' up just like the newspaper and been meaning to show you but this shit won't let me on my phone.
  6. IC as Reiko: oh take it how I said it, the very Best has Ric Flair as his manager. For all I know sasha can become the Best at something else lol. *ric flair struts*wooooooooooo*
  7. I'm REALLY tempted to go ultra heel on Reiko in EWNCW, seeing how he said "The best has Ric Flair as his manager."...that's not Sasha Panzer's name! ;P
  8. Out of this world...Since a while now lol
  9. So Far ,I'm a lil zooted..I'm not gettin Total Wasted ,but ima Reach the sky Tonight.

    On your side ,wats da effects? Lol
  10. Phew what a Friday night....Idk about you...But man...
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