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  1. atta boy
  2. Got the win in the opening contest actually!
  3. oh yeah?
    Well shit. How did he do?
  4. TVK ON JBW BTW just happened last night, haha. Just stopping by to let you know ;p
  5. Because I am fucking awesome
    We all know it.
  6. Ah yes that makes plenty sense and is much more "Wholesomely acceptable", lol...I also don't know why I'm enjoying talking to you this
  7. To be fair, the song is less about encouraging self harm and more about hatred of drama queens, but until you post the video and put up some lyrics for me to look up it won't matter
  8. I understand there's not much room for discussion when the name in question is still unsolved...that would kinda be ridiculous to an extent, trying to tip toe around not giving it away, LOL...

    Yea, it could be, cuz lord knows encouragement of self mutilation is really nice, lol.
  9. Look at it this way, I can't say what it is, but sooner or later someone will have to and put some "Happier" lyrics in
    that guy could be you.
  10. I was thinking about it, lord knows I know some lyrics...I just didn't wanna take the first one the cheap way just LIKE THAT, but I fully understand it's a bit counter productive to the whole idea and concept of things by basically saying "Yep, I know it, but I ain't sayin it...", but yea idk I'll probly be around there at some point...lord knows I remember more lyrics than World History...
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