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  1. Ah yes, likewise and appreciated. I sat with my greatest friends from Long Beach and just smoked cigars for hours myself. Already going perfectly.
  2. happy belated new years!
  3. I don't guess you know of a "auto save restore ", button for posts in the Gym huh? Doesn't seem to be there, LOL I'm about to restart the ending of the show, well, continuation of it,-three quarters in and my iPad died, I knew better, I guess I was just in the zone.
  4. Got you the Matthew Black bio you needed in the Gym btw.
  5. Yea I seen that when I got up this morning-I saw you posted last then scrolling through I saw the match...I finished up that segment and added in a small involvement from Muir...A real intense moment as far as character development goes...
  6. I added the entrances to the Wells/Black match for UUU- I forgot to do that last week. Anyways it looks like everything is in HQ for it now
  7. finished the wells v muir match for Blood PPV if you want to read it
  8. yeah same here- or when i have gotten a job i asked the people i used as refrences if they were called- only one person one time. and pretty much everything is online applications now
  9. Yea, what's even worse is when you use someone as a reference, but they don't even get called. I thought about that recently-No one has ever told me "You know someone called me about a reference for a job for you the other day, went well I think." . Ever. Not once. SHit'll pan out though, no doubt about that.
  10. ah, that now taking applications sign. Its nice to see but sucks when you do the application don't get called. Happens to me quite a bit
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