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  1. Sig quote?
  2. Love that new B-Mac sig btw...Also ...Thanks for the sig quote...And I NEVER ,EVER, do that.
  3. got the work cut out for ya in wwe ruining raw thread...That homie won't fade! Keeps comin back every time....Damn.
  4. of course that was the point of humour when I thought i saw "Robstor"! lol
  5. Not sure if you're in on the joke, I made a tag in the chocolate blades..... thread "robstor is gay" because some troll misspelled my name when he made a thread with that title

  6. One of my favorite running jokes on a sitcom 1:22...Was my exact reaction lol
  7. Nah....Robstor is gay anyway lol
  8. I thought it said "Robstor" Next to a post of yours earlier in a fit of fatigue lol like you changed the name to that! lol
  9. I just stick to reading the posts, it's easier. I hadn't even noticed a change until some members pointed it out!
  10. Thanks theres brother,much obliged...for whats its worth though I dont like the new updates and all the new buttons...Too many too look at now and stuff everything is just so busy and all over the place...
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