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  1. Yea seems understandable....Hm it should be a killer match...Pun intended haha...Hm after Azrael wants a shot at the beast? only fair I suppose
  2. Erebus vs Doom was such a well written piece we're going with that for the PPV. After that?? Well, I heard that Azrael was looking for D-izz-oom so that is gonna have to be dealt with I'd say...
  3. So now that youre back...Are we still going with Erebus V Doom or the aforementioned Azrael V Doom now? In other words whats YOUR plan?
  4. I should say the new profile on the biography thread i suppose lol
  5. I love the moveset.. Super Dragon is one of my favourites lol. Psycho Driver FTW.
  6. What do you think of the moveset by the way?
  7. Yeah, with a fully written match behind it as well it will hold its own for sure, bruv.

    The promo/segment was amazing, bruv. Very well thought out and presented. Top marks.
  8. So I take it you liked it? lol,thank you I tried to,should be quite the wild segment huh
  9. You proved yourself worthy of such a high profile match. Thankfully Torph has risen to the occasion as well.

    This match is one of my better ideas lol.
  10. So long it had to broken into three messages-when I split it the first time the 2nd half was still over 5000,but there is the promo in all its entirety
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