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  1. I'll be doing the quick format run over of that right quick like while there's time. I know it's only Axcess and not part of a show, but can't hurt at all and will only add to it xD
  2. The FAT BOY Airbourne never answered me, but I sent him that one part...
  3. There's your promo, fat boy! ;P
  4. You can if you want. I'm planning a pretty decent segment for next week, so this sets it up.
  5.'d be crazy! Every Flock needs a giant ;p

    I got some ideas about it, so we shall see. I guess we're going full heel mode with this coming promo, huh, btw? Lol. Enough of the recent character exposition , ;p

    Don't worry, you'll make it out fine.
  7. Lol what are you nonchalantly oh'in me about? ;p

    No telling really what it'll be, though you know I'm a tough character with proper booking, lol.

    So he adopted the Blackout champ? Lol I'm obviously just bullshittin.
  8. Oh.

    Nope. Not yet. :P

    And no, I meant Black Angel. xD
  9. Who's in love with someone that's practically a dictator on her good days. lol glad I could help I suppose, I always thought you were talkin bout Ehc' s new priest character when you said "Ah nah man, a father is coming", lol

    Has that shit from way back you said you wanted to see my reaction about happened yet, btw? ;p
  10. Says the crazed monster heel . and I has nothing to do with that. Seraphim is just meh at the moment. Angel had a lot of Praise for the shit I pulled with you xD. Why do you think altered him and put him in IWA? XD
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