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  1. IPad, yea that shit will charge for hours, days , on end , even weeks, then suddenly just drop off and won't take a charge again for hours to a majority of a day...
  2. That's no good! haha...

    Are you on your phone now?

  3. For sure appreciate it brotha, I had just enough power on my stupid computer to get it copied and pasted into The Gym...I'd had most on here then I looked back to continue transporting, and it had all timed out and disappeared on me...
  4. Sent it off buddy... !

    I'm pretty sure R(ob) has it somewhere but all is good... haha It is in the IWA cave so I just picked it up from there. Matthew Black doesn't have a huge bio...
  5. I need a Matthew Black bio sent to me sometime today please when you get the chance , for the Gym, btw brotha.
  6. Sounds good bro!
  7. Next brotha, it was a bit shortsighted to have such a quick deadline last go around, plus a few more have promos too.
  8. Are the UUU promos due this friday or the next?
  9. I have to admit... Emma stone is pretty hot.
  10. Lol couldn't help but think of you when I saw it.
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