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  1. Fair enough bro. I don't like to toot my own horn but I think you will like my promo.
  2. Nah I guess. I'll go back over and fix em lol and get it sent too
  3. It's all good man. Do you want me to send that to Benny?
  4. Damn, sorry for all those typos.
  5. Atey FAT BOY, I need to charge my iPad for a bit,so I'm gonna have some sort of lunch and watch tv for a bit and I'll come back and get started.
  6. Hey bud, any updates on our promo?
  7. Yea; go on ahead.
  8. Hey can I choose a theme song for Dennis or do you have one picked out?
  9. Now that would piss me off haha.
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