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  1. Promo sent there brotha. Think it's a winner for sure. ;P Sorry took so long, just been one of those weeks...I been "On one'" ;P
  2. Sorry about that btw, just noticed my messages were full, lol.

    Can't seem to stop it lately.
  3. Shit's off to krysys and in his hands homes.
  4. Should be done and sent to you soon. Sorry again, I was kind of busy with the JBW stuff too this past week, and won't happen again. Hate to be THAT guy.
  5. Yea, who knew demon cyborgs could change huh?
  6. Shake,

    Athena will be in a match against Domino. I'd like some commentary lines from Frewin. Expand on what what said last week and do some generic derogatory lines too.

    By Friday night please.
  7. Hey brotha, I know you might be busy with DBG comin up, but could you get me hooked up with my new newest characters also into IWA? Alexsander Ivankof; And El Diablo Se Azra, with Senora Monica Jimenez.
  8. "That cigar bothers me, don't like 2nd hand or the smell on my clothes!"

    "very well, I'll get it gone." LOL what are the odds. But yea it's def a good read I def recommend it.
  9. Not had a chance to read it yet! lol
  10. So did you ever see "get it gone" on the last JBW Warfare?
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