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  1. My parts to you
  2. That can easily happen
  3. Ok bro, my first part is coming your way, if you can hit me back with your first part in the next hr, I can get my 2nd part in, and hopefully we can get this out tonight.
  4. Sure did spunky brewster
  5. Did you get both parts of the promo?
  6. All cleared! Sorry about that, i always kept messages so I had stuff to refer to when I ic or write promos xD
  7. MAKE ROOM FOR ME! Really, I want to send you this promo, but i am waiting on you
  8. Hey. Make room in your inbox! promo assignment coming your way!
  9. Hey, do you wanna rap first, then send me it and Ill do mine?
  10. Something for u to read in the icw thread
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