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  1. Hey I hope there are no hard feelings
  2. Just sent u my next part. Lets go back and forth twice from this point, with my guy ending it aight?
  3. yep. Ill be back on in like 3 hrs, and we can do it then bro!
  4. we gonna finish up the promo today?
  5. hey just a friendly reminder i need that promo by Saturday.
  6. No idea why it said it was full, it had like 10 messages out of 100, but its clear
  7. Hey, make some space. Sending u an assignment
  8. Haha nice buddy! ill add my final part, and then send it to Eddie
  9. the one i sent u in the PM bud
  10. We using the same format you sent me before? Like You, me, you, me, me, you, you?
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