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  1. Alright then, I'm ahead of you time-wise so that gives me more time to add the finishing touches
  2. My time. Always my time
  3. That 4pm your time or my time?
  4. Hey just an fyi, the show is being done on Friday this week, so I need your promo by Friday at 4 pm. I know that bumps up the deadline by a day and I apologize, but its just how it has to be!
  5. I'll have my "announcing the winner" speech for you tomorrow and my IWA promo for you on Thursday

    Any problems then just let me know
  6. Thats fine bro. Ur in the uk so ur ahead of me timewise. I think when its 5 there is noon or 11 am here haha
  7. Would 5PM my time be alright for you? Or is that too late? Not that I want to try and push my luck here but I really want to make it one of my best promos
  8. Hey bro, you've got 26 hrs left for that promo before the deadline. I'm really looking forward to reading it though
  9. Thanks bro. Ya...definitely not coming on here in a drunken state again haha
  10. Welcome back man, takes a man to apologise for what he did wrong!
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