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  1. confused....your part the one we talked about, isnt until the final chaos....
  2. Will have my part sent to you in about 4/5 hours I believe I'm far ahead anyway in time difference
  3. I haven't mate

  4. Hey have you talked to thbk at all bro?
  5. Good, good... I love twisted
  6. Not this week. But the following one yes, and its pretty twisted
  7. No promo on my end boss? Just checking to be on the safe side
  8. Will have the promo to you in 3/4 hours at the most
  9. Oh no I didn't... My bad A mate of mine pointed out the quote and I copied and pasted it from the website so I could include it in my promo, so if you could remove the link that goes with the text then that would be appreciated
  10. Hey did u mean to include that hyper link in ur promo?
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