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  1. Ok i tried linking it all together and was just curious if it came off that way to you or if it came off as like it did for the ppv
  2. I've scanned through it so i'm up to date, but still haven't found time to properly read it. Same situation with JBW for me atm. As I said, I've been pretty busy. I'll do some reviews when I read them, unless the next show goes out, then I'll focus on getting up to date before critiqueing
  3. Yep should def be fine thanks for the update bro. Btw did u read the latest show? I didnt see any critiques from ya
  4. Just sent it on. It's been a busy week, sorry for the delay. Should still be fine though
  5. Hey how goes the promo bro?
  6. Thanks, it's a pleasure to be a part of IWA

    I'll post it in a sec
  7. hey when u get a sec, can you post your bio in the IWA Roster thread? And congrats on your big win on your debut
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