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  1. Brilliant. It was a bit of a dick move by me, but I'm really glad you understand. Don't like to leave problems unsettled.
  2. Ya bro. Sorry been meaning to get back to you. It's water under under the bridge as far as I am concerned
  3. You get my apology message? Just wanted to make sure you'd seen it.
  4. Just wanted to make sure you'd seen this:

    Bear, I've been meaning to say this, but I guess I forgot until your shoot reminded me. I owe you an apology, for bailing on IWA after being put in a big spot. From reading it, I guess you can maybe understand what I did, as it's similar to what you did towards the end of ICW, but I still shouldn't have done it. So I apologize.

    I'm enjoying your shoot, it's nice for me to fill in some of the gaps in eFedding that I missed. If I had to be picky, I'd say if you polished up the formatting and grammar a little it'd be even better, but it's still good as it is.
  5. Hey, just wondering if you can give me an update on if you can do that promo or not. The deadline is friday. Thanks roba!
  6. Well buddy,, since it's like after midnight where you are,, i'm assuming you won't be up for atleast 6 to 8 hrs, and in less than 5 it'll be saturday and past the deadline, i'm going to rework the promo. Sorry buddy. I will try and make sure you have a promo next week
  7. No worries bro. Computers all fixed up so should have promo done by the end of the day
  8. Hey first up, big apologies on my part. I had the biggest blonde moment today and must have mixed up my weeks. I for some reason was thinking of the week before when you 4 did the promo, and not this week with us doing it! I feel horrible now! Anyways, Im doing my part in a matter of moments, and then Ill forward it onto you so you can do your final part. Sorry bro haha!
  9. So haven't been able to start on the promo yet? If not that is ok. Would you rather I swap the order around some? Right now it's Shaz, Rage, Darius, Punk. I could switch it to where Punk is next, then Darius, then you?
  10. Van hold him there, as Dixon puts Punk through the table. The bell sounds!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, and the new IWA World Heavyweight Champion….Primetime…AJ

    Dixon is handed the world title, as all three men head out of the ring.

    Mike: What in the world have we just witnessed.

    Rocky: The birth of something amazing I think Mike.

    They head up the ramp, as Van and Carlos lift AJ on their shoulders at the top of the ramp, holding the IWA World Title high in the air, as the camera’s cut to a video promo for the main event, Insane Asylum match.

    Insane Asylum

    That was the kind of thing I meant by not really fl#owing. It kind of just jumped from one match to the next. I'm actually just reading the Insane Asylum match now, as I never got a chance to finish it, but when I get a chance I'll read Chaos and give ya my thoughts
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