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  1. Hey I'm sending this message out to everyone who I gave promo assignments to, as it came to my attention that some the PMs might not have gotten to people. Not sure if it is because of the change in the server, or what, but I'm just double checking you got the promo assignment that is due for Wed. Please let me know either way
  2. Thanks bud! That is exactly what I am looking for
  3. Hey how goes the promo assignment bro?
  4. The Macho man moment was what killed you as far as I can see
  5. Damn...I got my ass handed to me.....big time! I should have went a little older with my choices too, too many of them were current....oh well..
  6. Tomorrow night or Monday.
  7. So whats the word on the final blog wars?
  8. Dont forget to go edit your picks in the lost Cause thread
  9. Hey when u get a sec can u go reread your picks in the lost cause thread because i cant tell who you picked
  10. It's been hard on me and people aren't as puntual as they were a few months ago and I am running out of topics lol. I am up for anything
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