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  1. Did u get my promos? I haven't heard back from u.
  2. Hey just an fyi, the show is being done on Friday this week, so I need your promo by Friday at 4 pm. I know that bumps up the deadline by a day and I apologize, but its just how it has to be!
  3. That's a major reason why I feel invested in Athena because in e-feds full of male characters the usual female characters are kind of ignore during IC'ing.
  4. I get your point though
  5. But that doesn't count though, I reminded you lol. Besides it's been several pages since my post.
  6. Not true. Ill reply as mine in a moment, just watching the Walking dead now
  7. But see what I was saying in my thread? Unless you're a character like Athena guys rarely comment on what you say or do as a female character.
  8. Sorry for not responding earlier, but yeah, I liked the little tease
  9. Was the teaser for you know who good to you?
  10. Yay! Just checking hehe. When you get a chance could you check out my thread and possibly post something?
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