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  1. Will do. If you want you can edit the promo so it says his name instead lol.
  2. Indeed. Glanced read it but it looks good. Side note, the backstage interviewers name is seth gabel. If you are ever doing a promo and dont know something, just pm me or vandarius and we can answer it for you
  3. Just wanted to check and see if you got my promo.
  4. It's going well. I actually started working on it again last night because I spent a few days without internet at home and didn't have a chance to.
  5. Hey. How goes that promo? Think you'll have it to me by Friday?
  6. No jusy ashley. The big group promo with athena changed into something diff cause u and thbk were busy
  7. I sent my promo to Ashley today cause her inbox was full yesterday. Was I suppose to send it to THBK instead?
  8. Ok. Sounds good
  9. I'll have it done by tomorrow. I just got back home a couple of days ago and have been busy unpacking and shopping for a holiday in the latino community I celebrate which happens tomorrow.
  10. Hey. How goes your promo? You only have the one for Sugar and Spice now, as I revised the other one, just forgot to PM you. With THBK being busy, I did a work around. Let me know about the S&S promo though!
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