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  1. Thank you! That means a lot actually . Was the show posted already?
  2. Hey, read the Sugar and Spice promo. I know I'm not the head of IWA or on creative, but I enjoyed it. Keep it up!
  3. It was. Thank you
  4. Promo sent. Hope it was soon enough .
  5. Hey just reminding you, i need your trish part of the promo tonight. Preferably within 6 hrs
  6. holy crap haha. I just VMed you about the promo you just sent. Thanks!
  7. GG, you got 36 mins then the promo is late :/
  8. Hey! How goes that promo?
  9. Inbox clear
  10. Hey you need to make room in your inbox. I have a promo assignment for you
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