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  1. Heck ya!
  2. Oh yea, are you?
  3. Cause the WWE efed is back!!!!!
  4. Why is that?
  5. I bet your excited
  6. Lol that's awesome. How long have you been back on the website?
  7. Indeed. I figured I'd get ahold of some people today that I haven't chatted to in a while. Things are good here. Patiently waiting for the fiance to get off work so she can come home and play some Disney Infinity. Once she is done, it's all mine and I'll be spending my night on WWE 2k14 haha
  8. Things are pretty good. How about you? Surprised to hear from you after so long hehe.
  9. Hey GG. How are things?
  10. Yep It indeed was
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