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  1. btw how goes that promo? When do you think you'll have it to me for me to add mine?
  2. already sent to the next person, now I have to work on the super dave one
  3. Ok bro. I'm relying on you for this one
  4. everything is going. it will be done. I still have it but it is going soon.
  5. Hey whats up? I see u longged on since i pmed u. I need to know whats up, these promos, especially the one, cant wait to the last minute
  6. plz do as u have 2 to do
  7. Hey man, I have not started on it, but hopefully it will be done by wednesday and sent off. I have a busy day tomorrow with school and travel.
  8. Hey that one promo that has alot of others in it, have you started it yet? I know you still have 11 days to do it, but Im getting on everyone because I don't want a single promo late. Let me know, and if you have got your part off, kudos, if not, please do so asap!
  9. Like Enrique Iglesias?
  10. And thats why you are my hero
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