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  1. There are no grudges, i don't hold a beef with you. I just have no interest in you taking part in WBC in the future is all
  2. I did apologies for my actions, I thought I was able to finish it on time because I made such a effort on it, but never came the time to finish it up. If you don't want me to compete on WBC again, OK, but I just don't want their's to be no grudges between us. That is all.
  3. No bro, you are really rude for making me wait multiple times, after promising me you'd have it to me. If you couldn't get it done when I asked you to, you should have just said so and we would be fine, but instead, you left me hanging dry. Don't ask to be a part of WBC in the future bro.
  4. Wow, you're very rude.
  5. Did you get my message, no hard feelings yeah?
  6. Dude, are you going to get me your blog or not?
  7. I pick both! lol.
  8. Yep. Did u wanna do the main series or top 5?
  9. So, is it OK with you.
  10. Yes. I sure did
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