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  1. Promo is in your inbox. Let me know what you think. I personally think it's my best Cage promo yet
  2. No worries. Youve got until next week to finish it i just wanted to check. Thanks for the update bro
  3. Hey, just started it... Have been kinda blah that last few days and I spaced... Sorry
  4. Hey how goes the promo bro?
  5. Hey I'm forwarding you mine, TJB, and Benny's parts of the promo. 606 didn't send me his part back, and it doesn't seem like he has been on, so..sorry there, but our parts are done
  6. Thanks for the promo bro!
  7. Awesome to hear bro. Thanks for the update!
  8. sent it to Cricket earlier today
  9. Hey your one assignment, have you started it yet? I know you still have 11 days to do it, but Im getting on everyone because I don't want a single promo late. Let me know, and if you have got your part off, kudos, if not, please do so asap!
  10. Hey I got the next part of the promo, make room
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