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  1. Haha thanks kasherino
  2. Happy Birthday, Spanky!!!

    Have a good one, young man
  3. Oh schnit! Ur doing it already!? Saweet! Can't wait to read!
  4. You did!!!?? Noice. I had fun with that.

    Yeah, part two covers a lot of the same ground initially, kinda, but is far more in depth and will be about twenty times longer. We've spent over six days talking and haven't even got to when I took over Jabe. I'm trying to be nicer in this one, but it's hard, Bear... Very fucking hard

    Most of all it's from the heart, honest as fuck, and explains EVERYTHING! You'll enjoy it for sure. It will dispel many eMyths about me lol.
  5. So I found that shoot interview. Good read bruv. Though I think a second interview with current stuff would be awesome sauce
  6. Not a lot, mate. One is chilling like the ol' perverbial villian, wishing I had better internet access.
  7. Whats up Kash
  8. Well hopefully it lives up to the hype
  9. Monday the latest.. I won't lie, if you're actually gonna read the whole show, you'd be best served having a few snacks and supplies as I've created a bit of a monster
  10. So ETA on the first show? Im anxious to read it
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