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  1. So have we lost you completely to the wrestling pit?
  2. hey! How ya doing?
  3. Smallville and Arrow are my shows.
  4. Nice. So since you are a fan of Smallville, do you watch Supernatural or follow Arrow at all?
  5. Yeah it is.
  6. Hey! What are you still doing up this late? Isn't it like........midnight where you are? haha
  7. I am not doing anything really. Looking at youtube videos, wanting to roleplay but none of my email friends are online. So I know the feeling.
  8. Lol i see. For me i hope rumple finds his son.

    So what are u upto? Im uber bored at work and im 99% sure my gfs phone is dead so i have no one to talk to
  9. Hecka lame. But never the less. I am a fan of the odd pairings that might never be. Ruby x Charming.
  10. Yeah. Three weeks. It sucks. But when the come back, Gorge Garcia(Hugo from Lost, Giant in OUAT), is back on, and I am a huge fan of his.
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