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  1. Disregard this too.
  2. Disregard this.
  3. Hey bro. Next time you are on, if you even only got 1 match done, pm it to me, post it the cave, whatever you have to do. Ok? Thanks bro
  4. TTE! Thank you.
  5. Did you get my PM yesterday, Boss man?
  6. Hey, I posted something in the IWA thread, for those who most likely won't have a match for DFI. I'm repost it on everyone's walls so I know everyone has seen it.

    Now, to bring in the next point. Within the next 2 chaos's, all of the matches for destined for immortality will have been announced and official. If you don't have a match, or are not embroyled in a feud right now, will be showcased in a pre show battle royal. I will determine the winner of this battle royal, based on ICing. So even if you don't have a feud...IC IC IC IC IC!!!
  7. Yessir, and I think I have an idea for my face replacement for Bushido. I'll drop an app in the roster thread when I get it together.
  8. So you back then?
  9. yeah. tis no issue.
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