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  1. Head to the cave
    Always wanted to say that
  2. I don't think a sig has made me smile so much
  3. Anything i can do for IWA? Done my promo but, anything else?
  4. I shall send something your way soonish
  5. If you wanna do a promo for the PPV you are more than welcome to. It could either be a backstage promo where Juno talks to the camera, or she is interviewed. Your choice Be as creative as you'd like
  6. Ohhh i am bored, anything Juno could be up too?
  7. So sorry man
    cleared now
  8. Make room in ur inbox
  9. Yes that is it... will pm him thanks.. just schoolwork is heavy this week
  10. Whats up ash? If its in regards to questions you can pm either torphy or bennytheball and they can hook you up with questions. I had to run to town to get my little girl juice and now im headed back home. If its anything else, pm me and ill reply tomorrow
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