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  1. I'm cool if all else are cool.
  2. Hey spanky, ya never got back to me if that change I made works for ya or not. Let me know!
  3. I forgive u
  4. Man up, yer big tart. You know I'm only joshing ya!
  5. That genuinely hurt :/
  6. Busy at the moment. I really am trying.

    We can't all be unemployed scumbags, y'know?
  7. Oh ya I thought I have it to you but I have it to Eddie. I'll have it to you soon. Speaking of getting things done, you gonna get a review up before the next inferno shake? .
  8. Need a bio. Get it done, Shag!
  9. Beginning of June shake
  10. Outside of wedlock? For shame!

    Congratulations. When's it due?
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