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  1. hey, I know ICW is done, but I posted the final show ever for ICW, Glory Days. Go check it out and leave a comment in the show thread telling me what you think. There is alot to read. Before the show, the show, and after the actual show
  2. Will do bro!
  3. Lol that's funny. Hey, I keep all my promos saved incase you need them again. Just message me if you ever lose it.
  4. So i sorted the messages in my inbox by user name, and i was looking for urs,, and couldn't find it under s, and freaked cause i thought i might have deleted it, and then i remembered ur user starts with y, not s for slick haha
  5. Hey how goes the promo bro?
  6. So what is the word on your promo with BB chief?
  7. (OOC Great show this week, bud!
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