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  1. your turn on the promo broheim
  2. Should get them done by monday
  3. Hey how goes the banners buddy?
  4. Sounds like a plan man... Glad I can be a part of this.
  5. Nah thats fine bro. Since I have the next two posters done, when we get to Destined for Immortality and your poster, I will be featuring it in my sig
  6. Thanks Bear... like I said, you won't be disappointed bro. I hope you don't mind, I put the IWA logo on my sig. If you want me to take it off, I can. Just wanted my IWA Wrestler to be recognized.
  7. Dude I never realized it, but you are really good! I can't wait to see the PPV poster
  8. hey Bear... I sent you an email to your personal email. Check it out.
  9. hey, I know ICW is done, but I posted the final show ever for ICW, Glory Days. Go check it out and leave a comment in the show thread telling me what you think. There is alot to read. Before the show, the show, and after the actual show
  10. Just sent it to you... I had it ready, just hadn't sent it. Sorry for that. Let me know if it lacks anything. I'll add it. Thanks.
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