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  1. Did u get it in ur inbox yet? Then nope, haven't done my part yet it'll be done tonight in like 8 hrs
  2. Bro have you finish your promo part?
  3. Bear did Vandarius send you the promo?
  4. Funny you are asking me that,because i'm working on it now.Just give me 1-2 hours
  5. Hey how is that promo coming along bro? Think you'll have it back to me today?
  6. Probably tomorrow we will be done,then i will pm you the tag-team bio and moves
  7. Thats fine. Just shoot me with your thoughts and Ill see what I can work in
  8. Ok bro,btw we already start making the team,just letting you know
  9. That is fine bro. I will give a week or two notice for people to tell me their tag teams, when I decide to introduce the tag team titles
  10. Hey bro me and Shaz we are gonna start a new tag team.Shaz with a new character me with Angelo.Are you ok with that?
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