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  1. Haha i will but what the hell is Insight the Tights, haha
  2. You should go to the efed section and read the latest posts in Inside the Tights. Mr Smyth mentions you in an interview he did
  3. Great show mate.You and Vand did excellent job
  4. hey, I know ICW is done, but I posted the final show ever for ICW, Glory Days. Go check it out and leave a comment in the show thread telling me what you think. There is alot to read. Before the show, the show, and after the actual show
  5. About what mate?
  6. Hey I hope there are no hard feelings
  7. Ok man we are gonna put a great end to our feud
  8. I was thinking we could go back and forth 2 more times, make it interesting
  9. Its ok with me mate, we still have time.Do you want and a third part?
  10. Ill send my next part of the promo tues aight bro?
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