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  1. Thanks bro!

  2. Happy birthday man!!
  3. nah rereading it im happy with it
  4. Hey bro are you still gonna change your promo or not?
  5. Hey bro if you advance in the 2nd round i'm gonna need a promo for the semis(semis are 17/2).But 15/2 is Friday if you have a promo assignment for the show i'm gonna give you one more day to do it that means you have to send me the Promo Saturday night or Sunday morning my time
  6. Ah ok then, Eddie and Benny never delay their promos so don't worry bro
  7. Benny sent me his part last night, but i was heading home with no internet, so I'm doing mine now and sending it to Eddie, but I dont know if he is on, and then that leaves another round. I know I work tomorrow, and won't be able to do my other part until I'm out of work. So just pondering if thursday was truly the deadline as I want to try and make sure this is done on time
  8. Any particular reason why you ask?
  9. Saturday, if i get busy Sunday.But it will be up by Monday for sure
  10. Hey, the deadline is thursday yeah? When are you thinking of having the show up by?
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