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  1. Yes and no
  2. Have you checked your PM's?
  3. Has anyone evr told you how pretty you look in the moonlight?
  4. I edited Ali Kazam's profile heavily. Just letting you know...
  5. Hey, I posted something in the IWA thread, for those who most likely won't have a match for DFI. I'm repost it on everyone's walls so I know everyone has seen it.

    Now, to bring in the next point. Within the next 2 chaos's, all of the matches for destined for immortality will have been announced and official. If you don't have a match, or are not embroyled in a feud right now, will be showcased in a pre show battle royal. I will determine the winner of this battle royal, based on ICing. So even if you don't have a feud...IC IC IC IC IC!!!
  6. Ummm... is a long vignette cool... It's um definitely not the 10 character limit that is being pushed so far...
  7. will do
    didn't realise.
  8. Hey i had to adjust the promo a bit because you haven't put your bio in the roster thread. You need to do that asap bro!
  9. I think I still have them but I'm pretty sure Des will have them either way...
  10. Did you delete your parts of the promo? Maybe des still has em?
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