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  1. Thats fine i need it by sat
  2. Yeah.. Can be done, but I'm at work for the next 9 hours and can't do it till I'm finished.
  3. The pardy boys promo can u tweak it a bit to talk about dfi and the battle royal?
  4. You still haven't sent whatever it was along to me bear...
  5. No worries.
  6. I will get it to u once im out of work bro
  7. Hey bear, you never told me what you wanted fixed.
  8. Yeah that's fine, you'll work out why I'm asking when you read it lol.
  9. Welp, just got done working on a building, now going to get taco bell and head to my shop job. Once there, ill read it and pm you my thoughts
  10. I just want to know if your cool with my promo as is or if you wanted me to go a different route lol
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