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  1. You got the promo? It's probably best for us to get it finished tonight as I'm not sure whether or not I'll be on tomorrow
  2. Cleared some room!
  3. Clear your inbox please mate Have some sexy stuff to send you
  4. True that, busiest part of the year for my Dads business and i'm on the go at all times this week, ahh well i'll set aside a few hours tomorrow to get this done!
  5. Yeah sure mate, I'll get my part to you tomorrow. I've had a long day and I need to be up early in the morning... No rest for the wicked eh?
  6. Sure if you want to do that. I think we should have a back and forth before it ends to, really go out with a bang.
  7. Well I envisaged Adonis coming out, talking about the match at DFI, and then Shining interrupting on the screen... If you want, I could send my part as if I replied to Adonis, and you can fill in the first bit afterwards?
  8. If you don't have anything from me within the next four hours i'd start it off yourself. Out of interest what sort of setting do you see this in?
  9. I'm thinking it would be good if you start the promo and then I interrupt? If you want me to start though, it's no problem
  10. Roger that matey i'll keep an eye out for it!
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